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Pallet trucks

Soosung Pallet Truck, Model SWP-2000, Electric Pallet Truck

  • Load capacity (Kg): 2000
  • Lift height (mm): 205
  • Travel Speed (km/h): 5
Warranty:2 year limited warranty

Expected delivery of quantity in 130 days



  • The SWP series ranges from small businesses to large-scale distribution centers.
  • The electric pallet truck you need in any warehouse.
  • Various lineups based on payload It guarantees the best workability with reasonable price and
  • excellent performance

SWP Features

  • AC motor & system applied (quiet driving without vibration and noise)
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Custom made to fit the customers site
  • Driving speed adjustable (switch type)
  • Handle EM switch (prevents operator jamming due to emergency stop)
  • Automatic deceleration in case of rapid rotation
  • Fork design optimized for pallet work (fork structure that can be used without sliding even on empty pallets)
  • Creep function (drive without lowering the steering handle)

Brand Soosung
category Pallet Truck
Lift height (mm) 205 mm
Travel Speed / laden/unladen (km/h) 3 : 5 km/h
Drive motor rating ( kW) 1.5 kw
Engine output ( kW) 0
Tyre type 0
Aisle width Ast(mm) 0
Load capacity (Kg) 2000 kg

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