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Reach trucks

Soosung Electric Forklifts, Model SBR-18, Stand up type, Reach Function

  • Load capacity (Kg): 1800
  • Lift height (mm): 3000
  • Travel Speed (km/h): 9.5/10.5
Warranty:2 year limited warranty

Expected delivery of quantity in 130 days


The SBR series is an electric standing forklift that satisfies various user requirementswith a segmented lineup and a wide range of lift heights (optional).

Its ergonomic design and design have improved its performance, and its simple operationmakes it easy for anyone to use.

SBR Features

  • Improved driving performance by applying AC motor (drive & hydraulic)
  • Wide view
  • Fork reach function (reach stroke: 620mm)

Anti-Roll Back

  • Slope slide prevention function (Anti-Roll Back)
  • Improvement of maintenance performance (various electric devices are placed in the front part of the upper part of the battery)
  • Electronic EPS handle applied

Brand Soosung
category Electric Forklifts
Lift height (mm) 3000 mm
Travel Speed / laden/unladen (km/h) 6 : 14 km/h
Drive motor rating ( kW) 0
Engine output ( kW) 0
Tyre type 0
Aisle width Ast(mm) 0
Load capacity (Kg) 1800 kg

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