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Three-Phase UPS

Legrand, UPS, TRIMOD HE 20 kVA

TRIMOD HE UPS is a three-phase uninterruptible power supply on line double conversion with PWM High-Frequency technology, modular architecture with the possibility to have N+X redundancy.
Are made up of individual single phase modules which are redundant and selfconfiguring and it delivers a rated power from 10 to 80kW. Batteries are lead acid, sealed, free maintenance, valve regulated, and arranged, inside the UPS or external battery cabinet, in dedicated Drawers.
Warranty:2 year limited warranty

Expected delivery of quantity in 128 days



Model TRIMOD HE 20 kVA
Type Modular
Max Charging 1,5 A each power module
Input Voltage Range 380, 400, 415 3F+N+PE ( 220, 230, 240 1F)
Measurements H x L x D (mm) 414 x 1370/1650 x 628
Type of Batteries Lead Acid, sealed, free maintenance VRLA (on request longlife battery)
output Nominal Voltage 380, 400, 415 3F+N+PE ( 220, 230, 240 1F)
Input Nominal power (VA) 20
Input frequency 45-65Hz
Output frequency 50/60 Hz user adjustable +/- 2% (Standard), +/- 14% (Extended)
Net Weight (kg) 120/155 kg

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