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Warranty:1 year limited warranty

Expected delivery of quantity in 110 days

Brand Rittal
Total cooling output to DIN EN 14511 : Cooling output L35 L35/50 Hz: 2 kW
Cooling output L35 L35/60 Hz: 2.14 kW
Cooling output L35 L50/50 Hz: 1.41 kW
Cooling output L35 L50/60 Hz: 1.51 kW
Air throughput (unimpeded air flow) : External circuit: 1,760 m³/h
Internal circuit: 470 m³/h
Product description : Energy-efficient Blue e roof-mounted cooling units with integral e-Comfort controller and electric condensate evaporation as standard.
Dimensions : Width: 597 mm
Height: 417 mm
Depth: 475 mm
Material : Sheet steel
Benefits : May be linked to the IoT interface via Blue e IoT adaptor for cooling units from 500 W cooling output with e-Comfort controller
Rated operating voltage : 400 V, 2~, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Article number: : SK 3385.540
Colour : RAL 7035
Supply includes : Condenser with hydrophobic RiNano coating
Integral electric condensate evaporation
Fully wired ready for connection (plug-in terminal strip)
Drilling template
Assembly parts
Design : roof-mounted
Energy efficiency ratio (EER) 50/60 Hz L35 L35 : Refrigeration factor L35 L35 (EER) 50 Hz: 2.09
Refrigeration factor L35 L35 (EER) 60 Hz: 1.88
Note : The roof-mounted cooling unit 3273.500 is also suitable for office applications, thanks to its low noise level.
Start-up current max. : At 50 Hz: 11.7 A
At 60 Hz: 11.7 A
Rated current max. : At 50 Hz: 3.5 A
At 60 Hz: 3.7 A
Protection category to IEC 60 529 : External circuit IP 34

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